Where should I park?

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Don't give me a thing.


Do you think something will happen soon?

The other day we had a telephone call from a man whose wife was going to have a baby.

Can you play an instrument?

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Miek changed the future.

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The association is still a far cry from being well organized.

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It's an error in judgment.

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War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

Giovanni got tired of waiting, so he left.

It's better to write like this.


There is little hope.

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Do you want me to go up there?

They danced to the sound of the music.

We've got a lot of friends there.

We're still moving.

Up to the present we have enjoyed our trip very much.

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Did you come here to help me or not?


What're the facts?

I got permission to leave early.

His anger was born of frustration.

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Fighter jets were scrambled to intercept an airliner that deviated from its flight path.

Shutoku's anger subsided.

Thank you for adding me to your contacts.

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She was deeply offended by his remarks.

I guess they really weren't so busy.

The judges made a decision.

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Who made up these rules?


I'll just be out the back for a while.

Balashikha is a nice city 20 kilometres east of Moscow.

He said that he would have called at ten.

"Did you kiss her?" "No, I didn't kiss her."

I need to try.

I've got a picture I want to show you.

English has a lot of idiomatic expressions to offer.

Vivek didn't mention it to me.

Who's the gorgeous girl I saw wandering around in the mall with you?

She lives in quite a big mansion.

She's not in the mood.

The boy has no food.

When she was young, she preferred coffee to Japanese tea.

He laughed heartily.

I can understand your position.

I heard you bought a boat.

We had to start for America at short notice.


Alvin is here with me today.

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That's not nice.

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Hello, I'm Tomoko Sato from Japan.

That is a good policy.

What's Kikki's favorite movie?

Derek got beaten up.

She was absent on the ground of illness.


His character was formed in his childhood.

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Bobbie is seeing a therapist.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I must tell Dirk.

You promised to take care of them.

We will not need to add artificial substances to our food.

Is that everything you wanted?

I am running to the station.

Barney didn't mean that.

Ronni may be working late.

I saw her again.

Hilda is slippery as an eel.


Michelle has denied the allegation.

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I'll turn thirty next week.


I got home, took my shoes off and went to bed.


I'm getting a haircut on Wednesday.

Don't go home.

If you didn't learn it when you were a kid, you will never learn it.


It's good that you're here.

Do not blame me, I do not have anything to do with that video.

There is no living on the island.

I would rather stay at home than go to the movies tonight.

Jim pointed out some grammatical mistakes in my composition.

Shawn and I were both pretty busy yesterday.

Stu heard a helicopter overhead.

What could we do?

You seem to be thinking of something else.

Joni parked his car in front of a fire hydrant even though he knew he shouldn't.

The train that Takao was riding was hit by lightning.

We were trying to protect Roxana.

Nancy opened the door and let Toft in.


Much was riding on the outcome.

I no longer believe it.

Kemal is completely unfazed.

'Poor boy!' said the old poet again, taking him by the hand, and leading him into his room. 'Come to me, and we'll soon make thee warm again, and I will give thee some wine, and some roasted apples for thy supper, my pretty child!'

There were two glasses under the mirror.

The criminal confessed to theft.

I like to talk about love.


How can I deactivate my account on this site?

I found him lying on the bed.

Don't give them to Hwa.

You guys make a great team.

I'll call if we need you.

I beg your pardon, could you repeat what you've just said?

It's obvious why his stomach hurts.

I'm better than him.

Don't trust, don't be afraid, don't ask!

Mongo sat on the rug.

Do you need any food?

They sang Hawaiian songs.

Let me play the next game.

Don't write me such long letters.

Do you think Gil didn't hear me?

What made you come here?

Karl and I are newcomers.

Starbuck sits behind Michiel in science class.

What was it like in those days?

Did you find the book interesting?

We don't know him.


Lloyd told Martin that her French was good.

I really didn't have time.

You aren't the only one who likes baseball. Mechael likes it, too.


He moved the desk to the right.

Nothing can go wrong now.

I'm heading towards Boston now.

The party started soon after his arrival.

I fell asleep while I was watching TV.


Everyone was busy.

I do it because I have to.

You told me that before.

He tied the world record for the hundred-meter breast-stroke.

She introduced me to him at the party.

If she had not studied English here, she could not have passed the examination.

There are too many people there.

What is the reason why he came here?

This would help I think.


Josip lives in Boston with his children.

It is a pity that he can not marry her.

Dan often borrowed money from his friends.

Neville reached in his pocket and pulled out some money.

Jingbai motioned for Isaac to sit.


He's probably sleeping.

Konstantinos didn't appear concerned.

Celia looks really relieved.


She read the book once when she was sixteen.

It's a metal box.

I think it's funny.

Johnnie was nearly killed himself.

You must think I came down in the last shower to expect me to believe that.

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"Crystal clear" is a nice word, don't you think?

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Have a good day.

This house has a heated swimming pool.

I asked Irfan where he lived.

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Yvonne can handle this.

She handed in a blank test.

Unfortunately, three days ago a magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck off the Pacific coast of Japan's Tohoku region.

What does USB stand for?

My father wants to make a lawyer of me.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

He is a man of power.


Gilded reins do not make for a better horse.

I need everybody cleared out of here, at once.

I found that I could not study well with the radio on.

She has a bad reputation.

I'm even older.

I know that he's calling.

Lila dropped Andries off at the train station just before 2:30.

Alain made a decision.

You should talk to us.

We heard this song before.

That's why: what's allowed is allowed, what's forbidden is forbidden, what's impossible is impossible, and what's possible is that which is allowed.